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Upcoming Row-A-Thon

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DATE: August 24, 2019
TIME: 9:oo a.m.
Location: CrossFit Trifecta
2588 Progress St.
Vista, CA 92081

The concept of the Row-A-Thon is simple, one rower with ten teammates rowing 26.2 miles for time. The first team to finish receives the bragging rights for supporting a great cause, and they will also win the prestigious Goat Trophy and selected gift cards. With a $35.00 registration you will receive an event bag and nine new friends (unless you’re registering a team then you’ll get to hang with nine old friends).


4.   How long will it take to row 42,195m?
However long it takes your team to finish. The ABC Hopes team will stay until the last team finishes. We do have an average time cap listed above. 

 5.   How many meters must each team member row?
We leave those details to you and your teammates. Some folks prefer to divide the row up equally, while others just row what they can then switch. Feel free to discuss your limitations and expectations amongst yourselves.

6.   Can I bring in outside food or drinks?
Of course, NOT! This is a community fundraiser and all proceeds earned from the food and refreshment sales will go directly towards ABC Hopes’ fundraising efforts for the deserving families/individuals.You may bring your water bottle.

1.    What should I expect at the Row-A-Thon?
Teams of 10 will be rowing 42,195m (26.2 miles).
8: 15 am Check In
8:45 am Check In Ends
8:50 am Opening Ceremony
9:00 am Rowing Starts
11:00pm Food & Refreshments Will Be Available For Purchase
1:30pm Rowing Ends – TIME CAP (3 hr 30 min)

2.    What are the rules for rowing?
Have fun! Remember, the ABC Hopes motto is everyone can
participate so come on down and don’t stress about the rules,
you’re rowing for a good cause and a good workout.

3.    I’ve never been on a rower, do you have any tips?
Yes, we do! Checkout ABC Hopes’ Coach Kevin in the video below. 


Read About Previous Row-A-Thons

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Row-A-Thon: Corona 2019
Supporting: Fidel & Fox Family

On Saturday, June 1, 2019, ABC Hopes hosted their 7th Row-A-Thon at CrossFit Lifted-South in Corona, CA.  The purpose of the Row-A-Thon was to raise funds for the benefit of two local deserving families, the Fox Family and Fidel Guiterrez. Along with this, our Hopers were given another opportunity to be involved in the community.

ROW-A-THON: Placentia, CA
Supporting: My Day Counts & The Mac Family

On February 23, 2019, one hundred and forty rowers set out to conquer the ABC Hopes Row-A-Thon, a journey of 42,165 meters on a stationary rower. In crews of ten, each team rowed for a worthy cause. Some rowed for the Mac Family, while others supported My Day Counts, but by the end of the day we were all there to support each other and raise awareness for individuals with developmental disabilities.

“The Row-A-Thon was created by ABC Hopes as a feel-good event. It was intended to get the community interacting with the Hopers while doing good for others,” said Katie Moore, Founder of ABC Hopes.

No Limit Personal Training was a gym packed with love and community. The good vibes filled the room and BAABANG filled our bellies with amazing grub at the event. The day ended with a cooldown at Stereo Brewing, with a focus on relaxation and rehydration.

Together we raised $6,924 that will be used to help sponsor No Limit Personal Training’s newest athletes from My Day Counts and assist the Mac family with paying for medical expense for their son, Kaden.

Rowing Team & Times:

1. CrossFit 714- 2:31:12
2. DMT- 2:36:44
3. Banditos- 2:42:27
4. That’s How We Row- 2:49:21
5. Kami’s Krew- 2:49:45
6. Winners- 2:52:44
7. Kadens Chromies- 2:55:15
8. Kadens Chromies2 – 3:04:49
9. Death Row- 3:09:00
10. Team ABC Hopes- 3:13:10
11. Rowing Dirty- 3:13:52
12. My Day Counts- 3:24:55
13. Seas the Day- 3:36:01
14. Team Joe- 3:36:55

ABC Hopes would like to give a special thanks to our generous supporters

No Limit Personal Training
CrossFit Lifted South Corona
Monster Energy
Trader Joe's
Stater Bros
Power Crunch Bars
Sam's Club
Smart N Final
BaaBang Grub n Stuff
Stereo Brewing

Row-A-Thon: Vista, CA
Supporting The Benzon and Skelton Family

On August 25th, ABC Hopes hosted their first semi-annual Row-a-Thon  in the Vista community, which hosted over 200 guests. The gym was filled with families and supporters from all around San Diego to participate in the 26.2 mile Row-A-Thon to benefit two local families: The Benzon family and the Skelton family.

In attendance were five firefighter teams from four different station, the Reins Organization, CrossFit Trifecta, CrossFit Iconic, and Gracie Jujitsu members, among many other notable participants. 

All in attendance can agree that you could feel the love and good vibes during the event. Together we rowed a total of 632,430 meters and raised over $3,000 for our families. 

Team Escondido Firefighters won the Row-A-Thon with a record time of 2:23.02. Along with bragging rights for supporting their community, they also won the prestigious G.O.A.T. trophy and gift cards. Fifteen teams in total registered for the event.

We would like to thank our snack sponsors who fueled our morning. A big thanks to Alove yogurt, Progenex, Bambucha Kombucha, and Cliff Bars for providing our fabulous athletes with sustenance needed for rowing a marathon. 

“This is one of my favorite events ABC Hopes hosts, hands down. We love seeing the community come together to support each other, and the Vista community stepped up,” said Founder, Katie Moore. The support and good times continued after the event with an outstanding turnout at Booze Brothers, who partnered with ABC Hopes for the event. Booze Brothers also donated a portion of their proceeds to our families.

It was so special to watch the ABC Hopes mission of lending a helping hand in full effect. Thank you to everyone who came out for the ABC Hopes Semi-Annual Row-a-Thon to support and build awareness for two local families.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Bambucha Kombucha
Booze Brothers
Born Primitive
RPM Rope
Territory Foods
Yard House

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Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.17.02 PM.png

Supporting Destroy Duchenn


Corona, CA- Thank you to everyone who came out for the ABC Hopes 3rd Annual Corona Row-a-Thon to support and build awareness for Destroy Duchenne.  We are proud to announce that together we raised $3,000 for Destroy Duchenne and rowed a combined 623,475 meters. We raised these funds as a community through registration sign-ups and charitable donations. 

All attendees present can agree that there is no better way to spend a morning than supporting a great cause, especially our new Row-A-Thon Champions, CrossFit 714, who finished in First Place. Other notable teams in attendances were the Corona Fire and Police Department and CNUSD.  

We would also like to thank our volunteers, vendors, and sponsors for showing up and donating their time and resources to helping us make the 2018 Corona Row-A-Thon a success. 

Supporting The Heidlman Family & Jessica

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 6.03.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 6.02.02 PM.png

Supporting Debbie & Jose

On April 29, ABC HOPES hosted the 2nd Annual Row-A-Thon which welcomed more than 200 attendees to CrosssFit Proper in Corona.

The brightly colored and boxed-shaped gym bulged with families and supporters from all around Southern California to participate in the 26.2 mile Row-A-Thon to benefit two local families.  The concept was simple, one rower with ten teammates.  Team Roasters won the Row-a-Thon in a time of 2 hours and 47 minutes. Along with bragging rights for supporting a great cause, they also won the prestigious GOAT trophy and gift cards. Eleven teams in total registered for the event.

“This is an incredible event.  The comradery and teamwork is so cool,” remarked supporter Joelyn Sellers.

The Ninja Warriors, from the infamous show, set up a course for attendees to try out their skills. BAABANG and Restoration Roasters provided refreshments and vittles. Croozerboards donated a rad handmade skateboard for a silent auction, and Wicks Brewing Co. donated prizes for our raffle. 

 “The turnout was great! It was really amazing to see all walks of life coming together for a great cause. It was really a beautiful thing to see so many supporters,” said vendor owner Pedro Flores of BAABANG.

“We are thrilled with how the event turned out. The enthusiasm and excitement was contagious,” said founder Katie Moore. She went on to share a tear jerking moment during the event, “One group that was rowing wanted Debbie, who is battling pancreatic cancer, to row the last leg. Debbie was honored to do so but she was not comfortable pulling the rower. So we placed Debbie on the seat and many of the events participants, as well as ABC Hopes participants crowded around and we all helped her row the last leg of the 42,000 meters. It was so special to watch our mission of helping others in full effect.”